Yogi Bhajan explained the essential need for us to “Coordinate” the physical, mental and spiritual. You may have already noticed but when the physical body is weak and energy is low, it has a direct impact on the mind. We feel lethargic or depressed and may not understand the source. When the mind cannot keep up, it is unable to keep up its connection to the spirit. Mental energy creates behavior, so when your physical energy dips, that is prime medium for the mind to create drama, then you get caught.


“Spirit is nothing but a constant continuity of life and a reserve. It is like a choke in the car. When your mind is choking and your body is falling apart if your spirit is with you, you can win, you can go, you can excel.” – YB 070693


Yogi Bhajan works on many different areas of the body in this series he says is for “Self Training” to be mentally fit, physically fit and spiritually fit people. He refers to these exercises varyingly as:


  • Using bio-feedback from your own bio-rhythms
  • Working on a certain 8 muscles of the body
  • Developing the third diaphragm which is in the pelvic area
  • Eliminating grief and anger that is stored in the body from past experiences
  • Connecting with the dance of life
  • Balancing your brain hemispheres
  • Working on your electro-magnetic field
  • Regulating the glandular system
  • Creating stamina and keep up spirit
  • Balancing the equilibrium of the body
  • Elevating the Pranic energy

We are encouraged by Yogi Bhajan to create a “routine of excellence” for ourselves with these series so that we may truly live healthy, happy and holy lives.